How to enhance your look with Cluster Ring

Looking the most coveted and strive continuously to look fashionable is the utmost desire of every woman. And, the best enhancer is the latest jewelry trend. To look gorgeous and elegant at once – cluster ring will do the trick for you. These rings are the one of the easiest way to make you stand out in a crowd and make a style statement. These sturdily embraced rings will enhance your look with grace and finesse.

Cluster Rings
Cluster Rings Collection

More than just the fashion or fad, cluster rings are taking the world of fine jewelry by storm. While the halo settings- a huge gemstone surrounded by the smaller ones have been in demand from long, but due to the affordability and long term value the cluster setting rings have been quietly getting popular for years.

Cluster rings are synonym to what they sound and feature the same brightness and sparkle you would find in more expensive halo setting or single-stone settings. These types of rings commonly feature same size gemstones that are clustered together and may or may not have a center stone.

This cluster setting in the rings are also becoming a popular choice as the engagement rings. This gorgeous piece gives the rings a much bigger look in comparison of the single stone ring, helping to get a little more bang for your buck.

Why a Cluster ring over Solitaire Ring

Diamond Solitaire Rings Collection
Diamond Solitaire Rings Collection

Cluster rings are becoming interestingly popular amongst the fashionistas. The simple reason they are becoming more popular than solitaire ring is because cluster setting gives more design options and the bigger size which ensures elegant and a sought-after look. Also, one another big reason for it getting famous is the price. Cluster rings are comparatively much affordable, then the solitaire piece. As single, huge stones are way much costlier as they have to be of high quality, clear and of the more carat constituting its high price. Whereas, in cluster ring the smaller size of stones are used, and if having a single center stone the carat of the stone will be less, making them reasonably priced.

Some other points why cluster rings more preferred than Solitaire Ring

  • A daily wear – One can wear cluster ring almost every day, as the small stones are tightly held with each other making it more durable. While, the single-stone ring cannot be worn on a daily basis due to its delicate setting.
  • Maintenance – If you lose a stone from a cluster ring you can get hem replaced at a lesser cost, although if you drop the stone from your solitaire ring it will take a toll of your buck to get it fixed.
  • Care – One has to be very careful while wearing the solitaire rings, as they are more prone to damage or the loose setting can fear the loss of the stone. Should not be worn when involved in household chores or other physical activates. While, cluster ring with little care can be worn with ease and less tension.

Cluster Ring to cast you as fashionistas

Though in the recent time, cluster rings have become more popular as a most preferred alternative for engagement ring. But these coveted setting rings are also in fad and becoming an everyday wear. One can easily carry them to the office or bedazzle everyone on at the dinner parties. This, amazing setting sport some exotic designs and a wide variety of rings which can make you the cynosure of all eyes. The glory of this setting is that it provides volume to the ring giving you the boldly beautiful look. By simply wearing these rings, you can elevate your appearance and add glamour to your appearance.

Points that can help you to enhance your look with the cluster ring:

  • Cluster Ring as an Engagement ring: When it comes to picking an engagement ring, it totally depends on the personal choice and preference. If you like a classical look than a cluster ring is your sure preference. These rings have the gorgeous setting of the small stones in a beautiful pattern to give the ring a bold and beautiful look. Diamond cluster rings are most demanded as engagement rings.
  • Cluster Ring as a Party Accessory: These rings can also be worn for a night out on the town. The setting of the ring gives the wider selection and options to pick from. The gorgeous and trendiest patterns can bedazzle everyone around. More preferred choice for the parties could be stones like emerald, rubies, tanzanite or sapphires as the center stone covered by the diamond cluster can add luxury and elegance to your look.
  • Cluster ring to Enlighten Casual attire: Theses very graceful and glamorous rings can be worn easily and carried with casual attire. The stylish setting makes them most loved and famous. You can transform your look by simply slinging these gorgeous cluster rings. By teaming a bolder stone cluster ring with your floral print or pastel color outfit, can make you look like celebrities.
  • Cluster Rings as an Office Jewelry: The clustered setting of the stones fake the illusion of a solitaire, making them an ideal wear to the office. This coveted piece can easily teamed with your formal attire and make you look the diva in the office also. The most preferred cluster setting for the office could be a princess cut gemstone in the center surrounded with the smaller gemstone. Also, you can choose diamond cluster ring also to carry to work as they look elegant and easily blend with a look with sophistication.


Traditionally, cluster rings were created as an affordable version of solitaire ring replicating their appearance and brilliance. But, these rings have fetched their own existence and have become the fashion statement. Recent time one can witness many celebrities opting cluster rings as their engagement rings making it more popular and in vogue. Also, their sturdy setting makes it more durable. The cluster rings are versatile and beautiful. These affordable versions of rings have a wide variety of designs helping one to select one for every occasion.


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