Add Color to your Wardrobe with Aquamarine Jewelry and Accessory

Aquamarine is the epitome of beauty, loved by everyone and famous all over the world. From the mineral family of beryl, this gemstone is one of Mother Earth’s most breathtaking creations. It name refers to “sea water,” and that is what comes to mind when we look into the depth of this stone.

This remarkable gem has been a cherished gemstone for ages! In 1953, the President of Brazil gifted brilliant aquamarine jewelry to the newly-crowned Queen Elizabeth II as a coronation gift. The Queen loved it so much that she ordered Garrard & Co. of London to create a matching tiara for the pendant and earrings she received.


Aquamarine jewelry is not just a privilege for queens and princesses. Today, due to its availability and affordability, it is used in mass-produced jewelry as well as custom-designed pieces.

Elevate Your Fashion Quotient With Aquamarine Jewelry

Nothing can capture the brilliant blue ocean or the clear blue sky like an aquamarine. Known to be the treasured gemstone of the mermaids, the beauty of the aquamarine is truly unparalleled. If you are looking to add some attractive aquamarine jewelry to your collection, then take a look at the irresistible temptations as they are sure to leave you enthralled.

Rings – Give your outfit a subtle refinement with an elegant aquamarine ring. With an icy color that complements every outfit, aquamarine rings capture the beauty of the sea with pastel blue – green color. The purer and bright the pastel blue, the more valuable the aquamarine. If you like to make a bolder statement, then cocktail rings, cluster rings or vintage rings will be great. The beautiful aquamarine in prong, bezel or channel setting will allow maximum brilliance and luminosity. Also, the choice of metals can make the jewelry piece shine even brighter!


Earrings – Accessorizing with aquamarine earrings will allow you to add the hint of color needed to complete any look. The soothing color of these earrings glistens spectacularly in both sunlight and candlelight. From stud earrings to lever earrings and hoop earrings, you can discover a variety of looks to suit both casual and formal ensembles.The real beauty of this gem is that they are truly unique and let you express your style savvy with ease.


Necklace – No outfit is complete without a matching neckpiece! Transform a simple, yet elegant fashion ensemble into a head-turning outfit by accessorizing with an aquamarine necklace. Choose from a variety of neckpieces that incorporate aquamarine gemstones and you’ll love the way how a majestic stone can enhance the appearance of any outfit and your look.


Bracelets – Want a bracelet that’s perfect for the office or casual outings? An aquamarine bracelet can breathe life into any attire. Accentuate your femininity and style by wearing an exclusive bracelet studded with this magnificent gemstone. This enthralling piece will never go out of style and gives a stylish and striking presence to the wearer. It will add spark to your life and make you stand out at any gathering.


Complete Your Look With Versatile Aquamarine Accessory

It is amazing how the addition of the right accessory can do for an outfit. They can break your monotonous look and create a distinctive appearance instantly. Discover an amazing assortment of aquamarine scarves, bags, and watches to enhance your outfit and your wardrobe.

Scarves – A beautiful scarf is more than just something to keep you warm when the weather gets cold. It also complements your style of dressing. Finding a right scarf that matches the clothes you already have is important. Scarves come in many materials, colors, and styles. Whether you are looking for a vibrant color scarf or something light and lacy, there’s a wide array of options to suit your style. Breezy and bright color aquamarine scarf will transform your look all over again and keep everyone in awe. Wrap them around your neck for a beautiful look anytime, anywhere!


Bags – Showcase your style with the handbags as they are the perfect complement to a woman who exudes self-confidence. They can add extra panache to any ensemble. Neutral colors like tan, black, and brown can go with everything, but mesmerizing aqua color will surely make people turn their heads. This stunning bag imparts a contemporary vibe that works beautifully with the monochromatic outfit.


Watch – Want a watch that’s both practical and fashionable? Always choose the one that you like the most and which suits your style. Watch with aquamarine strap and Austrian crystals offers a touch of sophistication to your appearance and enhance your fashion quotient exponentially. With an enchanting appeal, this stylish and delectable piece with stainless steel back is the perfect way to elevate your outfit.


Always be sure about what looks good on you before buying any jewelry or accessory. You can achieve various looks simply by experimenting with different accessories, but it is important that your jewelry coordinates with the outfit as it gives the final touch to your entire look.

Aquamarine Popularity Continues To Grow

Since aquamarine comes in many shades and depths of blue, it matches with almost every skin tone, from the palest whites to darker skin tones. Modern jewelers widely use aquamarine in all jewelry items making women more beautiful in the whole world.

So, pick your favorite piece that complements your look as the popularity of aquamarine jewelry continues to grow with each passing day. Enjoy wearing the treasure of the sea today that will always be there to be cherished tomorrow!


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