Citrine Gemstone Jewelry: How to Harmonize it with Colors

Citrine gives us an opportunity to flaunt the brighter side of life.  Colored gems give you a fashion edge, and this fabulous yellow quartz is no exception. It adds brilliance and elegance to the wearer and matches any style.


Color harmony between jewelry and attire is essential for a better visual impression. In simple terms, the combination of clothing and jewelry has to be engaging and eye catching.

Citrine comes in a variety of shades. An understanding of how these shades work with different outfits will take them to the next level. Read below to understand which of your clothing items will work best with a complementary shade of citrine.

Working with Complementary Colors
Teaming up orange-yellow citrine gemstone jewelry with a purple or violet shade will give you a lively presence. The variations in the shades will create an optimum effect on contrast and consistency.

Some pairing suggestions for clothing color and citrine are mentioned below.

  • With blue attire, a lemon yellow citrine will match perfectly and give you a fresh appearance.
  • A light blue shade coordinated with an orange-yellow citrine will add oomph to your look.
  • Yellow gems work well with bright hues. Pairing a purple-hued outfit with a lemon-yellow citrine jewelry piece will give you a glammed up appearance.

Working with Analogous Colors
Any three shades that exist side by side on the color wheel can be termed as analogous colors. The combination of these hues gives a pleasing appearance. However, a little care is required while selecting an outfit with jewelry. Given below are a few suggestions that will keep you in good stead while selecting dress for this color scheme:

  • Pairing a lemon citrine gemstone with green creates a beautiful aura. This combination works well with party or weekend outfits.
  • A mix of dark green attire with deep-orange citrine jewelry is a visual treat.
  • Pale citrine gemstone jewelry with a light orange ensemble will give an elegant presence.
  • Make an appearance with an orange outfit decorated with citrine jewelry in shade variations. The combination is bound to turn heads and give you a stand-out presence.

Working with Natural Color Combinations
Nature is an ideal platform from which to learn harmonious color combinations. It can be your best guide for understanding the mix of two shades. All you need to do is to keep the following points in mind, and you will see that nature inspired combos work wonders for you.

  • Nature sets the best examples of color combinations that are easy for you to apply to your wardrobe.
  • You can understand the impact of shades on each other that will help you decide the primary hue of your ensemble with jewelry.
  • Nature also demonstrates the relativity of the tones that will help you understand the noticeable differences in your perception of color. In the below example, observe how the identical purple shade appears when it is framed by different colors.


Quick Advice on Color Combinations
The color wheel offers the best way to check for colors that harmonize with each other.  Once you get an idea of a color combination, it’s just a matter of selecting colors that will add to your look.


This summer create your style statement with vibrant citrine, the stone that complements the fiery brilliance of the sun. Variation in the tones of this gem stands out as it glams up any outfit. However, keep in mind that citrine alone will not give you the look you’re trying to achieve until complemented by an outfit that gels with this gem. Together they will give you a standout presence.



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