Enrich His Jewelry Collection with Colored Diamond Gemstones

Gifting anything to a man can be tricky. However, if he happens to be “your guy,” then it becomes more difficult. After all, you want to give him something that will win him over. And why not? He deserves to be pampered. And there is no better way to show your love and affection than by gifting him colored diamond gemstone jewelry. Dazzling and chic, these sparkling stones will bring color and sparkle to your man’s wardrobe.

Men do not like to experiment with the colored gemstones, but diamond being a classic gem, they are surely going to ask for it every year as birthday or anniversary gifts.

Diamonds are the birthstone for April and a traditional gift for wedding anniversaries.


The world of jewelry offers a variety of fascinating colored diamond gemstones embedded in rings, pendants, and cufflinks. Fancy diamonds come in almost all colors.

Now, let us have a look at some of the colored diamond gemstone jewelry that will win over any man.

Charismatic Men’s Rings to Empower His Look
Gemstone-studded men’s rings will add style and panache to his look. The bright sparkle and classic elegance of such rings will provide the right accent for all occasions! Different colors have different meanings associated with them. For example, black symbolizes confidence, style, and sophistication. Red, on the other hand, is a sign of love and romance. Blue signifies calmness and loving nature. The ring strikes a balance between sparkling delight and empowering one’s look.

multi diamond rings

red, black diamond ring

Men’s Pendant: Adding a Dash of Style and Glamour
Diamond pendants can be a great gift for any man. After all, they have a timeless appeal to them. This exceptionally versatile and fashionable accessory is in a class of its own. From classic solitaire pendants to fancy interchangeable ones, this vibrant fashion accessory will enhance his style and remind him of your love every time he wears it.

multi color diamond pendant

red white diamond pendant

Men’s Cufflinks: Adding Style and Panache to the Wearer
The cufflink is a piece of jewelry that is both functional and ornamental. Your guy can always pair neutral tones of cufflinks such as black, white, gray, or beige in coordination with the rest of his outfit. If he prefers bright colors, then match contrasting shades, such as red, blue, or orange with a pastel color shirt. Gemstone Cufflinks always complement a man’s overall appearance and style. They also add a touch of contemporary fashion to his look with sparkle and glitz.

mens diamond cufflink

Simulated Diamond Jewelry to Suit Your Budget

Diamonds are an ultimate expression of love and commitment, but for those who cannot afford the cost of a diamond solitaire, it is worth exploring other options. The simulated diamond jewelry looks as beautiful as the real thing, and the receiver will never know it cost less. However, they do not share the same physical properties.  Diamond imitations such as cubic zirconia and zircon look exactly like an original gem, but are less durable and may not be as eternal. Save these sparkling simulated gems for fun fashion jewelry and not for a wedding or engagement ring meant for daily wear.

Though simulated diamond is a better option for all those with a limited budget, it will be a good idea to know the difference between real diamonds and their simulated cousins. Below are some tips that will help you differentiate between the real deal and the simulated kind.

Tips To Identify Real Diamonds from Simulated Diamonds:

  • If a stone retains moisture in the form of fog on its surface after you breathe on it, then you most likely have a simulated gem, as a real diamond will not remain foggy.
  • If it does not take a lot of effort to scratch a stone, or if it has many scratches already, then it is most likely a simulated stone, as real diamonds are not easily scratched.
  • If a gemstone is big and colorless, looks clean to the naked eye, and has a price in the hundreds, then it is likely to be a simulated stone.
  • If a gemstone sparkles in all colors of the rainbow, then it is a simulated stone as real diamonds have optimum sparkle.

white simulated diamond ring
simulated diamond ring

Gifting diamonds are the most cherished way to celebrate any important event in your man’s life. So, make every moment memorable by reminding him of the color he brings to your life with these colorful diamond gemstones. After all, he is close to your heart, and you know him better than anyone else.


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