Why Amethyst Gemstone? There is a Multitude of Reasons!

If like me, you are also an amethyst gemstone enthusiast, chances are you would also have been asked this question umpteen times. What is it that has made you fall for amethyst? Like me, you would also have been short of an answer. After all, there is not one but an assortment of reasons why this amazing gemstone has such a special place in many hearts.

Sobering and Calming Qualities 
Often glossed over is the quality of the gem. Not many people know that amethyst has a calming effect on the wearer. It is believed to empower energy levels, healing mind, body, and spirit. The gem is thought to be particularly calming for the overworked and tired mind. It is also believed to reduce negativity and foster positivity and enthusiasm.

Forever in Style
Ask any amethyst gemstone enthusiast and he will vouch for the fact that not only is amethyst jewelry fashionable but never has there been a time when it has fallen out of favor. Its color oozes style and offers a regal touch to the wearer.

The gem gels perfectly with all types of outfits and complements clear crystal, silver, and similar subtle shades. The younger generation has also fallen for it, and it is not uncommon to see them donning fashionable jewelry of this riveting gemstone and moving around with confidence and style. Amethyst is also February birthstone and is a perfect gift for someone born in February.

purple amethyst necklace

purple amethyst bracelet

An All Occasion Fashion Accessory
Amethyst gemstone jewelry is simply too tempting to resist. Whatever the occasion and the setting, you can be rest assured that with jewelry of this gemstone on you will be the center of attention at any gathering. Be it an everyday piece or something grander, amethyst jewelry speaks a lot about your taste and personality and always leaves a positive impact.

Whether you step out with a pair of earrings in your cherished design, or in a pendant that matches your favorite dress, or a stunning ring, you are guaranteed a look that will never go unnoticed on any occasion.

purple amethyst pendant with chain

purple amethyst earrings

A Cost-Effective Gemstone 

A purple form of quartz, the gem is available in considerably large quantities. It also enjoys a structured supply chain that makes this stone available at almost every place on earth.  It is no wonder then that the stone is amongst one of the least expensive gems, and jewelry pieces are available at far greater rates than some other gemstone jewelry.

With so many advantages going for it, it really should come as no surprise that this riveting gem is amongst one of the most liked in the world. And, if the popularity that it enjoys is anything to go by, it can clearly be said that coming days will see the craze for this unusual gem grow even more.


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