Innovative Ways of Storing Tanzanite Jewelry

So, you are a tanzanite jewelry lover and a proud owner of the best quality and innovatively designed tanzanite jewel. However, despite possessing some of the most stunning tanzanite items you often find yourself searching for that elusive piece that will give you a standout presence on all occasions.

Well, you can take heart from the fact that there are many like you who face a similar predicament. However, there are smart and innovative ways of storing your precious jewel that will ensure that they are never hidden from you and you can choose the piece that you think will give you the look you aspired for.

Forget the old jewelry boxes where you used to stuff your dream possessions. There are innovative ways of storing jewelry. Let’s have a look at them one by one.


Deck it up with Cake Stands  
Cake stands are one of the most stylish and innovative ways of displaying jewelry in your home. Forget the old style of banishing them in dressing table. Cake stands give you a wonderful chance to keep your most used items in a way that they will never be hidden from your gaze. The plates give you ample space to store your favorite necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc. You can, therefore, easily pick them whenever you want as the items now will not be hidden in boxes.


Hang them on Boards
Yes, you have read it right. Boards can also be used to store/display your favorite tanzanite items. This arrangement is particularly useful for necklaces as they can easily be hanged on these boards. These will not only keep your favorite jewel in front of you all the time but also give a very colorful look to your cupboard or the place wherever you keep it.

Colorful Trays for Colorful Jewel  
These trays are perfect particularly for storing small jewelry pieces like rings, earrings or bracelets. They can prove to be very helpful in finding pieces that are worn every day as well as those items that are to be worn on special occasions.

These simple but elegant methods of storing jewel will solve your problem of hunting for items at the last moment. All you need to do is to exercise a bit of caution as tanzanite jewelry as well as some other jewelry pieces are soft and are therefore prone to scratches in the case of rubbing or brushing with each other.


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