Tips for Wearing Cocktail Engagement Rings

Wedding season is here and one of the favorite picks is cocktail engagement ring. It is one of the ideal pieces of fashion jewelry that will add unique flair to any look.

This statement piece has made an impressive entry in the fashion realm for the past few seasons, and you can be rest assured, it’s here to stay. Let us glance at a few ways how it can be worn so that it brings style and grace to the wearer.

Tip No1. – Match Accessory with your Personality
As with any other fashion accessory, the basic and essential rule remains the same – the choice made should complement the personality of the wearer. Whatever is the appearance of the finery, the main aim is to get stylish and trendy with it.

Tip No2. – Design Holds the Key
There is a vast scope of selecting from the countless designs and styles of this exceptional beauty. You can lookout for a piece with animal-inspired, floral or antique motifs.

Tip No3. – Go Modern
Being your engagement ring, you can experiment with the way of wearing this adornment. Try to place this piece on index or middle finger and notice the transformation in your look.

My Suggestion Your Choice
I would suggest that you should go for something colorful with a twist of some floral theme to add uniqueness to your precious jewelry for your special day.

My Favorite Picks for You
Here are some of my favourite cocktail rings that will definitely add a bling to your engagement this season.


Framed beauty of Australian black tourmaline is creating an antique look with the articulated halo. Make everyone blush with envy when they see you adorning this ring.


This remarkable Brazilian smoky quartz ring will add grace and beauty to your look without much ado.

Become the center of attraction with this splendid amethyst ring. Laced with brilliance of white topaz, this finery is a show stopper.

Charm your finger with the cool blue energies radiating from this Swiss blue topaz ring and emphasize your style with a romantic plea.

How to Choose Cocktail Rings


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