How to Choose a Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings, or statement rings, are oversized rings commonly studded with a huge stone surrounded with several small stones, or with one big and eye-catching design. Generally worn on the right hand’s index finger, these versatile statement rings are the perfect accessories that can add color and drama to both your day and night outfits.

Step 1 – Looking for the options online.


The internet serves it all! Theses days online markets are flooded with a broad range of cocktail rings, giving you lots of ideas and options to review.

Step 2 – Look for the focal point.


If you are selecting a ring that has one huge stone accompanied by other smaller stones, the color of the stones should complement each other and should not be distracting the focal point. If there is any distortion and no focal point, the ring can be a fashion disaster.

Step 3 – Choose the right size.


Select the ring that ends well before knuckles of your finger or else it can hurt. Big rings can be uncomfortable.

Step 4 – Look for a good finish.

Fashion cocktail rings can be made up of different metals. Whatever metal you choose, make sure that ring has a good finish with no pointy edges or rough areas to catch on your skin or clothing.

Step 5 – Look at the color and pattern of the ring.

Some rings include floral, animal-inspired, or abstract designs. You can also find a range of colored stones: bright, dark, or pastel. Choose something keeping in mind the occasion you are planning to wear it for, the rest of your outfit, and your personality and style. The design can be edgy or classic; pick any, but the point is to get noticed.


Cleaning: Wash them with a mild soapy solution and let them dry naturally. Using harsh chemicals and cleaning agents can harm the color of the stone.

Storage: These rings are studded with numerous gemstones, so always store them separately in covered in the soft clothes and place them inside a wooden box lined with velvet.

Handling: Due their huge size these rings are more prone to damage. Avoid wearing them while doing the household course or any other activities that can harm these accessories.


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